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NAYA پاکستان

Through out 2011 and 2012 the Minnesota chapter of Pakistan's Tekreek-e-Insaaf party  organized fundraiser, info sessions, rallies, community building events and bake sales to remind those far away from home that they too could make a difference. They too could bring 'tabdeeli'. 
With invigorating speeches and statistics provided by Haris Siddiqui and Ali Abbas Ghumman of PTI Chicago, Jibran Ilyas's heart warming videos and hopeful messages, questions answered directly by Asad Umer: Pakistan's next Finance Minister and Minnesota's own Syed Fawad Masood Raza and the ever-ready-to-help with great causes Tamim Saidi those who hold a dream of a better Pakistan were able to raise funds which would in turn make it possible to fund the Tabdeeli Razakar program.
May 11 is D-day. Pakistanis all over the world, especially those in Pakistan have a chance to make their single vote count. It's their one chance to indeed see and live in a Naya Pakistan.

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